Who we are and what we do

EMBYLTA is an informal task force of patriotic Ethiopians and civil-society organizations who came together in November 2020 to collaborate and thoughtfully deliberate on the root causes of and lasting solutions for the intensifying multiple existential crises in Ethiopia. The Group, whose membership is expanding from time to time, is committed to advancing the causes of democratic Ethiopiawinnet. In its deliberations over the past two years, it has recognized that a sound understanding of the nature of constitutionally-enshrined identity politics and the nature of a transition process out of this polarizing and destabilizing system is the first of critical actionable steps for helping save the country.

Our initiative for national salvation stands on two pillars:

  • First, Imbylta believes in courageous citizen engagement to build a democratic and prosperous Ethiopia. It thereby seeks to galvanize the Diaspora to stand behind the Ethiopian people as they resist the onslaughts of intensifying domestic civil war and political terrorism. So far, seemingly endless political violence has claimed a million lives, internally displaced ten million, and brought over US$40 billion in lootings and damage to public and private property. The primary victims of the ethno-fascist power contest between Tigrayan and Oromo ethnic politicians have been the ordinary Amhara,
    Tigrayans, the Gedeo, and the Gurage. No one can afford to be a bystander; civil wars do not spare anyone.

  •  Second, Imbylta believes that extraordinary and systemic problems require extraordinary and lasting solutions. We, therefore, offer a transition roadmap to restore the rule of law. Our preferred all-inclusive political settlement and systemic transition call for a robust and independent national dialog that paves the way to transitional justice and reconciliation, an elected interim parliament governed by a transitional constitutional charter, a cleaning up of deeply corrupted government institutions, and
    the drafting of a citizen-based democratic constitution.

Please visit our website or contact us directly to access our publicly available documents or join us in this worthy endeavor. Thank you.
January 2023