Ever since the ill-fated 2005 parliamentary elections, we have been drawing attention to the fact that political ethnicity is inherently polarizing and cannot, therefore, be a sound basis for a democratic system. The past fifteen years have indeed shown us that, despite episodes of economic growth and five rounds of elections, Ethiopia’s we-versus them ethnic federalism has proved to be a recipe for endless civil strife, economic fragility, nation de-building, and state collapse. The ongoing civil war in Tigray, the senseless terrorism against ordinary Amhara and others in Oromia, Beni Shangul-Gumuz, and North Shoa, and similar ethnic cleansing massacres in the Southern regional state are triggering a new round of civil disobedience among the youth.
We believe that we must face bravely these two-pronged challenges: save lives and stabilize the country today and provide a roadmap out of the endemic crises. We humbly propose an all-stakeholder negotiated political settlement for a lasting solution. We outline this idea here in the belief that good ideas are the basis for meaningful collective action to make Ethiopia safe for prosperity and democracy and invite you to join us in this endeavor. Click the download button to read the full document